Why you SHOULD have business cards

A few days ago, two sales representatives from Colonial Life came as guest speakers to my marketing class. Both of them shared valuable information with us students. Interestingly, neither of them majored in marketing and both worked as teachers before becoming salespeople.
While both had good insights and advice, I can remember the name of only one of them. John has 206 connections on LinkedIn. He earned a master’s degree in special education and teaching. His motto is: Providing honest benefits for honest people. And his last name is Heath.

What about the other sales representative? Well, I don’t know much about her. I’ll try to find her on LinkedIn. Maybe I can find her by looking up the list of Colonial Life employees on LinkedIn. There are 5,408 employees! I give up.

So how did I find John?

Well, I had his business card.

I did a quick Google search using the keywords: john heath colonial life. John’s LinkedIn profile was the first result.

What I learned from this experience is that business cards are powerful marketing tools. I still remember what both sales representatives said in class, but only John succeeded at making his legacy last longer than the class session. Columnist Jonathan Long says: “A business card is a physical object that a potential prospect leaves the encounter with. Your brand stays with them” (2015).

Maybe the key to success in the digital era is a small rectangular piece of card stock.

Long, J. (2015). Five Reasons Business Cards Still Matter. Entrepreneur.